Contacts of Beverly Hills Health Center
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Contacts of Beverly Hills Health Center
Health Center
Phone: (310) 786-9200         Fax: (310) 786-9292

About us

At the Beverly Hills Health Center our slogan is: "Our Wealth is Our Health".

Our goal is to provide a lifestyle in which your body is at its best. A sense of good energy and feeling of well-being is our main goal. We want all of our clients to feel that their time spent at our center has been very worthwhile. We are committed to create a warm and nurturing environment so our clients can be at their most comfort. We provide undivided attention and support to our client's current health choices and lifestyle.

We offer Colon Hydrotherapy, Detoxifying Foot Spaand Infra-red Sauna. Our health care providers are highly trained and certified practitioners. We strive to achieve a feeling of comfort and health in each of our clients. At our center, we believe everyone should undergo a vigorous change in their body for the better. We make every effort to help one achieve their aim of a life changing process.

At the Beverly Hills Health Center, our office is highly sanitized and organized. We offer a zone of comfort and stability where no one will ever have to fret.

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