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Beverly Health Center. FAQ about Los Angeles Colonic.
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FAQ about Colonic

How great! I keep hearing about colonics and how great they are, but I've never been able to find out much about them. Maybe for starters, I should ask what is a colonic irrigation?

Also known as a "colonic", "colon hydrotherapy", a colon irrigation is a safe, effective method for cleansing the colon of waste material by repeated, gentle flushing with water.

What is the purpose of getting a Colonic?

Waste material, especially that which has remained in the colon for some time, poses several problems.

First, this material is quite toxic(poisonous).These poisons can re-enter and circulate in the bloodstream, making us feel ill, tired, or weak.

Second, impacted materials impair the colon's ability to assimilate minerals and bacteria-produced vitamins.

What makes a colonic so special?

In a 30 to 45 minute session as much as 1-3 gallons(2-6 liters) of water are used internally to gently flush the colon. A cup to no more than two quarts at any one time. Filling of the colon is accomplished through appropriate use of massage, pressure points, reflexology, breathing techniques, suggestions, etc. The colon therapist is able to work loose and eliminate far more toxic waste than any other short-term detoxification therapy. You will be in a private room with only your therapist, who fully appreciates the sensitivity of the colonic procedure and will help you feel at ease. After the gentle insertion of a small tube into the rectum, you are completely covered. Rubber tubing carries clean water into the colon and waste out of the colon in a mildly pressured system.

Okay, it sounds like a colonic may be good for me. But will it be painful?

It rarely is. Usually, painful experiences are the result of resistance ans tension. Most people actually enjoy the colonic and are especially pleased with the unaccustomed sensation of feeling lighter, clean, and clear afterward.

Is there anything I need to do to get ready for a colonic?

Since your abdomen will be massaged it is a good idea to eat or drink lightly in the 2 hours immediately preceding a colonic.

And what can I expect afterwards?

Most likely, you'll feel great. Probably you'll feel lighter and enjoy a sense of well-being. Any activity you would ordinarily be doing, such as work or exercise, is just fine to do. It is also possible you may feel lightheaded or chilled for a few minutes following a colonic.

Are colonics dangerous in any way?

Being an essentially natural process, there is virtually no danger with a colonic. Our intent is to provide a safe and healthy service so that you do not have to worry. Cleaning and sterilization of the necessary equipment is done as normal procedure and clean linen is used for each colonic as well.

I am a woman. What if I'm having my period?

No problem. It's perfectly safe and beneficial to have a colonic during your period. In fact, some women find that having a colonic on the day their period starts reducing the amount of menstrual discomfort experienced.

I'm worried that I could become dependent on colonics. If I get too many, the colon may stop functioning on its own. Are colonics habit-forming?

Our fulfillment comes from assisting you in healing your colon, not in making you dependent upon colonics.

Many people have sluggish colons. It may take days for bowel movements to return after a good colonic. This is when people think they are becoming "dependent" on colonics.

Colonics give you a feeling of being lighter, cleaner, and healthier with a sense of well-being.

I've heard that I shouldn't get colonics because it upsets the electrolyte balance. What's that all about?

The majority of the material released during a colonic is formed stool that has already had the fluid and electrolytes removed from it, so the amount lost is very minimal and easily replaced by the body from the food and fluid we ingest.

Some people say that colonics wash out the intestial flora and valuable nutrients. Is this so?

The truth is that the washing out of putrefied material in the large intestine, which is only partially reached in any colon irrigation, increases the good intestinal flora. Good bacteria can only breed in a clean environment that has been washed free of putrefaction and its accompanying harmful bacteria.

How long does a colonic take?

Probably 90% of all colonics take between 30 and 45 minutes. It could also be shorter or longer than that, based upon the judgment of the therapist and sometimes the wishes of the client. There will also be about 5 minutes required before the colonic for changing into the and 5 to 15 minutes afterwards. For yours first colonic you should be prepared to spend about an hour and fifteen minutes at the therapist's office.

I' m wondering what will be okay to eat after getting a colonic?

What we suggest is that you eat a moderate amount of whatever seems gentle and nourishing to you. Just as it doesn't make sense to get your car washed and then immediately drive it through mud, eating a meal known to cause trouble in your abdomen directly after getting a colonic isn't an intelligent choice. Green leafy salads, vegetable soups, vegetable juices are the best choice.

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